About My Crafts

I began carving wood by happenstance. A downed palm tree in my neighborhood presented my first challenge. I carved in my garage using various chisels, a rubber mallet and a little imagination. It became my first tiki and was placed in my backyard amidst some banana trees. From there, I gathered other different kinds of wood and continued to chip away. Neighbors came by to see what my next creation would be. Amazed by my own ability, I expanded my tool repertoire with more chisels, cutting knives, sanders, dremels, adzs and so on … and Red’s Wood was born!  Most of the work begins with a STIHL Chainsaw, Great power, low kickback, so if you are going to carve get a STIHL!!!!!!!!

Please browse through all of the pages of my string art kit works. There are lots of different styles of art in the following pages, from tikis to whales, dolphins to mermaids, and even a bit of the unexpected!

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