FAQ About Video Photography

FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS Please End My Photography Confusion… I personally know you have your work cut out for you when deciding on each vender. Deciding on a photographer or a great wedding photo booth is probably one of the most important decisions you will make. All I can tell you from my experience is that comparing photographers is like comparing… More →

About My Crafts

I began carving wood by happenstance. A downed palm tree in my neighborhood presented my first challenge. I carved in my garage using various chisels, a rubber mallet and a little imagination. It became my first tiki and was placed in my backyard amidst some banana trees. From there, I gathered other different kinds of wood and continued to chip away. Neighbors came by to… More →

Duodenal Switch

This is an spine surgeon New Jersey operation that reduces the size of the stomach and bypasses a large part of the small intestine. In lay terms it`s like a hybrid of the biliopancreatic/intestinal bypass and a gastric stapling procedure. The hope here is to provide a patient the advantages of other procedures and at the same time to eliminate… More →

Getting started

NIA is a living system that grows and expands as you do. It is intended to address fitness and wellness, and the unique, ever-changing needs of you and your lifestyle. NIA – Neuromuscular Integrative Action – means “with purpose” and is designed to help you approach everything with purpose, feeling, passion and electricity. The choreography encourages a new way of… More →