Duodenal Switch

This is an spine surgeon New Jersey operation that reduces the size of the stomach and bypasses a large part of the small intestine. In lay terms it`s like a hybrid of the biliopancreatic/intestinal bypass and a gastric stapling procedure. The hope here is to provide a patient the advantages of other procedures and at the same time to eliminate the side effects of the same procedures. It appears to provide reasonable weight loss and to some extent lessen though not eliminate the metabolic side effects of bypassing the intestine. This is not a procedure that has been done for nearly as long as the gastric bypass operation. I would also recommend against this operation to my patients at this time.

During his almost two decades of hernia only experience, we have twice been asked to serve as guest editor of the hernia editions of the prestigious Surgical Clinics of North America. In addition, he has personally trained over 2,000 surgeons from all corners of the globe, who have visited The Hernia Center to observe hernia surgery and learn his operating techniques. The author of over 80 scientific articles and 20 book chapters, also a Clinical Professor of Surgery at the University of Medicine and Dentistry of New Jersey at Newark. In addition to his surgical accomplishments, he is a well recognized historian whose book Surgery: An Illustrated History was named a Notable Book of the Year in 1994 by the editors of the New York Times Book Review.

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