FAQ About Video Photography

Please End My Photography Confusion… I personally know you have your work cut out for you when deciding on each vender. Deciding on a photographer or a great wedding photo booth is probably one of the most important decisions you will make. All I can tell you from my experience is that comparing photographers is like comparing apples and oranges. We all have different styles, techniques, and price ranges. The upper tiers of photographers will all seem overwhelming budget wise probably, but you will receive the best services and quality from those who charge more in most cases. That is because to do your wedding right it costs money.
You want a product that is superior, archival processing by the best labs, and shot by the best equipment. For you the consumer…this basically means you are paying for a guaranteed product and somebody with lots of experience to pull all of this off.
Beyond that you want to know your photographer well. In best case scenarios I spend a year getting to know my bride. There have been several meetings, many phone conversations and probably already and engagement shoot. So by the time her monumental day arrives she is already very comfortable with me and my assistants.
This decison is really about not only talent and quality, but also about interpersonal communications, confidence, and a warm comfortable feeling about who you are working with. Should I be contracted by you I only shoot your wedding that day. This is so I can focus solely on you. My best advise to you, the bride, is to say you must love your photographers work, know him or her well, and feel confidence and warm fuzzy’s when ever you are around them.

Do I get to keep my negatives? You tell me! If I am shooting digital there are no negatives. The correct answer to this question is NO. There are strict copyright laws in place to protect not only the photographer, but you as well. Real Professionals adhere to these laws for the integrity of the business. So whether your event is shot in digital or film rights to the images should, in a perfect world, be held by your artist. This is for your own protection.

We’re having a small wedding, and only want to spend $1500 on photography. A true wedding professional can only work so many weekends a year, and reasonably expects one or two large weddings per weekend from May through October, or even year round in the warmer climates. If your budget is small, you will be choosing from the second and third tiers of wedding photographers. If you plan your wedding early in the day, or even during a weekday, you may be able to find a photographer you can fit you in before another event, and thus be able to work within your budget. However, your time with that photographer will also be limited. Unfortunately, when you are limiting yourself to a smaller photo budget you can expect lower quality photographs.

What about Black & White photographs? Yes. Not only do we carry a Nikon completely dedicated to just black and white film. We also shoot digital. What that means to you, is that every photograph we take, can be printed as color, black and white, sepia, or even hand painted. Black & White is a personal preference. You either like it or you don’t. I love it and think that black & white has a magical yet romantic quality about it. Especially when used correctly for weddings!
Who will be the photographer at my wedding? This may seem like a strange question to some, but it’s a very legitimate question to ask. Some studios hire multiple photographers. Some are good, some not as good. And it can be very unnerving to see an unfamiliar face show up to photograph your wedding when you were expecting someone else. Make sure the person you are interviewing with will be the photographer for your wedding.
How much is all of this going to cost? Most brides initially underestimate the cost of photography by 50% – in other words, you will probably spend at least twice as much as you budgeted, unless you have advice from a wedding coordinator who is familiar with prices in your area. If you find a photographer who makes you happy, you will never regret your investment, whatever the dollar cost. When we have invested in items that will be with us for the rest of our lives, our satisfaction has been highest when we have paid that extra bit for the best quality.
Who will be shooting my wedding? Find out if the studio you are about to hire has multiple photographers. If you are speaking with a sales person, make sure you ask for an appointment to interview the future photographer that will be shooting your wedding. You haven’t left any detail to chance thus far, so don’t be reckless in this decision either. After all, it’s your day. Sometimes I use a second photographer besides myself. But in everycase, I am always the main photographer at every wedding I shoot.

I’m intrigued by exotic locations and terrains for your wedding or portrait backdrops. No destination is too far away for me to travel (travel expenses included of course). I have shot all up and down the Eastern Seaboard and as far west as California. I have even shot in such exotic locations as the Bahamas. Remember it is your wedding and nothing you plan, no matter how exotic, is too much for me to handle. In fact I thrive on weddings being very personalized and it makes my job even more rewarding. Remember to book all your venders well in advance. Especially Photography. A year ahead of time is a good rule of thumb. However, I have been known to take on last minute contracts if I’m available.

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