Getting started

NIA is a living system that grows and expands as you do. It is intended to address fitness and wellness, and the unique, ever-changing needs of you and your lifestyle.
NIA – Neuromuscular Integrative Action – means “with purpose” and is designed to help you approach everything with purpose, feeling, passion and electricity. The choreography encourages a new way of moving that allows for more creativity and individual expression.

NIA uses organic, self-guided, internally directed movements to deliver traditional and esoteric Fort Lauderdale fitness benefits. Using an eclectic blend of music, visualizations, sounds, grounded movement and energy, these techniques enhance and free your body from physical tension and emotional restrictions, while at the same time strengthening your heart, mind and emotional self.

One regains the memory of what it is like to move in harmony, peace and balance. As this process of discovery unfolds, a new loving relationship develops between the body, mind and spirit. Over time, this relationship creates a foundation where continued growth and personal development take place.
Relationships become stronger, communication becomes clearer and body-mind-spirit fitness becomes a way of life.

Adjust each movement to fit your body. Three levels are offered – chose the intensity that feels best for you. Your heart may be at level three, but your muscles and joints may need longer to gain strength and flexibility. Comfort is your guide.
NIA movements are designed to use the bare feet and take advantage of the vital clues they send when your body is out of alignment or off-balance. If you have structural foot problems, wear a soft-soled shoe. For safety and efficiency, ground every movement from the bottom up, using your feet to feel and sense balance.
Work in a range of motion where your joints feel free and relaxed. To lighten
the intensity, make your movements smaller. Use fewer arm movements. Keep your body weights aligned one on top of the other. To increase the intensity, make your movements broader and wider – sinking deeper, rising higher and reaching further. Use your whole body – spine, shoulder blades, elbows, wrists, fingers and eyes.
Allow your movements to originate from the center, working from the core of the body. You’ll know you’re working efficiently when you can breathe and move with power and ease.
NIA is an expressive fitness and awareness movement program. Filled with depth, tenderness and clarity, NIA offers a holistic approach to health.
By blending movements, concepts and theories from a diversity of cultures, NIA offers an experience that embraces individual creativity, self-inquiry an free expression. The stillness and concentration of tai-chi, the dynamic poses of yoga, the explosive power of martial arts and the grace and spontaneity of modern and ethnic dance make it possible to stay fit and reap holistic benefits – a sense of well-being that filters into every aspect of your life!

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